Java Drive By

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So Now we Learn how to Spread Trojans ( RAT ) , Keylogger Server part to Victim Machine with the Java Drive By .

What Is Java Drive By ?

A Java Drive-By is a Java Applet that is coded in Java and is put on a website. Once you click "Run" on the pop-up, it will download a program off the internet. This program can be a virus or even a simple downloader.It is one of the most widely used techniques to propagate and automate the process of infection via the web. Especially through websites that promise via streaming video display or visual social engineering strategies similar. Combining this methodology with JAVA simply results a Java Drive-by; that is technically the same but using JAVA language and resources.

How To Set Up Java Drive-By

I think now you got an idea what a Java Drive By is.
So now I'm going to show you how to Make A Java Drive By.

Step (1) : What you need to do is to download the Java Drive By Applet You can Download It Here!

Step (2) : After that you need to upload the contents in that rar file to a server. Find any free hosting website from Google or purchase a cheap Space as you wish ..
Well I'm going to use
You need to register an account at in order to upload the files.So i have registerd an account with them go to file manaegr.

Step (3) : Now Upload all the contents of RAR file which you download from above link..

Step (4) : Now you just upload your server part of RAT or Keylogger to any Free Hosting Site Which Support exe files and get address (url) of exe file..

Step (5) : Now you have completed uploading all the necessary files, and now we are going to  edit the Index2.html from the webpage.
Search for  “YOUR URL HERE”   Without the Quotation Marks in the document.After finding that you need to place your url or the link to the keylogger present in your server.
Note: In Two Places You Need To Place Your Links

So, Now we have finished everything now you just Send people the link of index.html And i hope you know the rest! :)

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